Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to become a Freemason?

Candidates must be male; at least 21 years of age; able to profess a belief in God or supreme being; and of good character.

Do I have to be invited to join?

Normally yes to ensure that you seek to become a Freemason of your own free will. However if you do not know anybody that is a Freemason and have enjoyed your visit to our website we will be pleased to answer any questions, arrange a tour of our Lodge or find out where your local Masonic meeting place is.

Will it cost me anything to join?

Yes there is an initial joining fee which covers the cost of the Three Degrees, Administration costs and Lodge dues. Thereafter you will be required to pay an annual subscription. At regular meetings you will have to pay for your evening meal (Festive Board), donate to charity (whatever you wish) and some spends for refreshments. It is not possible to be exact on fees as each Lodge is different geographically and in membership size.

Is it true that you are a Secret Society? 

This could not be further from the truth - just look in your local Yellow Pages or community directory and you will find a listing of your local Masonic meeting place. You can also visit the United Grand Lodge of England website for more information. As a point of interest you can arrange a tour of U.G.L.E. which is a wonderful experience.

So why do you have passwords and handshakes?

Freemasons have various modes of recognition - signals, grips, signs, and phrases. These are used whenever we meet and when visiting different Lodges.

Isn't Freemasonry simply for those well off?

There is no denying that we have members from affluent backgrounds. However you will find in any Lodge members from all walks of life. Regardless of background, life experience or status, providing you meet the criteria of what makes a good Mason there is no reason you can not join.

Isn't this simply a place to meet to do business deals?

Absolutely not. That would be a misuse of membership and subject to Masonic discipline. On his entry into Freemasonry each candidate states unequivocally that he expects no material gain from his membership. Abuse of membership can result in penalties varying from temporary suspension to expulsion.

How do I find out more about joining?

Simply email us or contact the Grand Lodge of England or the Province of Surrey. Their details can be found on our website. We will be happy to answer any other questions.

What is the next step?

If you have already decided you would like to join request the joining application. A short informal interview will be conducted and as long as you meet the criteria of the Lodge and that of the United Grand Lodge of England a date set for you to join. It's that simple!!

We hope you have found this page to be useful. If we can help further do not hesitate to contact us:

It seems to me that young people are searching in our society for meaning, depth, and focus to their lives. They are searching for a philosophy and ethic that will help them to live a better life. They are searching for growth and self improvement. In short they are searching for what Freemasonry in its purest form offers them.

- Member, Cranleigh Lodge

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