Provincial Grand Lodge of Surrey

The Province of Surrey is situated in the South East corner of England. It is bordered by Greater London to the northeast, Middlesex to the north, Kent to the east and Sussex and Hampshire to the west. There are some 300 lodges in the Province of Surrey of which Cranleigh Lodge is one.

The Province of Surrey controls the Masonic activity with in the county’s boundaries. The Provincial Office is located in Croydon. For more information about the Province of Surrey and to find other useful links ‘click’ on the crest or go to


If you feel that you have the qualities that make a good Mason contact us for more information.

We teach that each man has a right to think for himself. The lodge is made up of men who are concerned with moral and spiritual values and who pursue a way of life that compliments their religious, family and community affiliations. They seek a better way of life and treat all men as equal regardless of race, religion or social standing. Masonic lodges offer men a safe, caring, equality based environment in the midst on an ever increasing intolerant world.

- Member, Cranleigh Lodge

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